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What we are - Launching Uber in Dhaka

Launching Uber in Dhaka

We partnered with Uber to launch its service in Dhaka


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  • Date created: 2017-07-31
  • Last updated: 2017-07-31

We partnered with Uber to launch its service in Dhaka, a city with almost no taxis, no decent public transportation system and the most chaotic traffic management in the world. On November 22, 2016 we broke the news at 12.30pm. In a matter of few minutes it turned into breaking news on TV, online, social media and set the city on a buzz. In 48 hours Uber was all over. From hard news to commentaries, from Facebook updates to post editorials, from byline to online, from DBC to BBC, from talk of the town to talk of the country. Then comes BRTA, the regulatory body with a ban on the service. This helped to keep the momentum going. Every day coverage moves to every hour coverage, debate on ban moves to decisiveness for the service. We were, along with India communications team, at the forefront and centre with media while all this happened. There was no Uber spokesperson on ground, media didn't know where Uber office was and yet there was no incident or misquote created by media. In 60 days we got near 300 quality coverage from media. The Daily Star, the most influential English daily, printed 5 articles along with a front page commentary and business page interview of Amit Jain, President Uber India & South Asia on Uber on 28 November 2016. Finally BRTA backtracked and the city moved forward for good.