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What we are - Grameenphone-It’s Our Turn

Grameenphone-It’s Our Turn

  • It’s Our Turn: The Hero in you


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  • Date created: 2012-10-10
  • Last updated: 2012-11-20

In January 2010 we conceptualized and executed a unique social activism idea for Grameenphone to create an opportunity for the employees to volunteer for various social services around the country.



CSR or CR is just a buzz word thrown around by corporations and not practiced by them. We had to come up with an initiative that proves otherwise.



Make Grameenphone into an entity that not only behaves responsibly takes responsibility for today’s problems.



A platform called “It’s our turn” was created that enabled the employees of Grameenphone to donate their time to various projects and initiatives geared towards helping other people. This platform existed virtually at www.itsourturn.com.bd where employees signed-up as volunteers for different projects across the country – from teaching English to building homes.



On the first week of launching, more than 2000 employees of Grameenphone had logged on to www.itsourturn.com.bd. A total of 40 employees were sent to 4 different projects in one month from a waiting list of hundreds.