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  • Corporate Reputation, Stakeholder Relation and Duty Reduction


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  • Date created: 2012-10-14
  • Last updated: 2012-10-17
  • 1. Building Corporate Reputation through Save the Children Project



As a corporate reputation PR agency for P&G we worked to carry out its project called save the children. With the aim to improve health problem in Bangladesh, P&G’s brand Vicks partnered with Save the Children for the Vicks Breathe for Life Project. The long-term global partnership focused on pneumonia prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a bid to reduce childhood deaths in Bangladesh.



The Vicks Breathe for Life Project provided accessible healthcare services to 135,000 children in Bangladesh - where pneumonia was among the top three causes of death in children under five. They went to rural and grass-root areas strengthened the work at the community level to train health workers on proper pneumonia diagnosis and treatment and to provide educational programs. Save the Children and Procter & Gamble ensured to create a lasting change in those communities in need.



The project provided a simple way to make an enormous, real difference to the lives of underprivileged children and their families in Bangladesh.


  • 2. Stakeholder Relationships Development by ensuring a better society



In an effort in improving lives of millions of people in Bangladesh, we gave our hands to P&G to carry out a hygiene project which created strong stakeholder relationships for the company. The project targeted to provide proper water, sanitation and hygiene materials in Bangladesh.



P&G’s Gillette Vector donated BDT 10 lakh to Water Aid, an independent organization that enables the world’s poorest people to gain safe water, sanitation and hygiene education, to develop tools and technique that makes Bangladesh a cleaner and safer place to live in. It extended its support in supplying safe drinking water to save the lives of innocent children throughout the nation. In addition to providing healthy drinking water and ensuring sanitation for children, P&G also believes that it is their responsibility to increase awareness amongst young girls and their mothers about the health and hygiene related issues during menstruation. As a result, we conducted knowledgeable workshops for P&G throughout different schools in Dhaka to create awareness amongst daughters and mothers about feminine hygiene and adolescent health. As an initiative we reached out to over 60 schools, touching the lives of approximately 20,000 students, 3500 mothers and 600 teachers.



P&G was able to create a remarkable awareness among the stakeholders. It got the attention of media as well. The project proved itself as a great initiative to improve the life of Bangladeshi people as well as creating a healthier nation.


  • 3. Reduction of supplementary Duty on Diaper and Sanitary Napkin



Our target was to reduce extremely high supplementary duties (SD) in Bangladesh on P&G’s health and hygiene products, including Whisper sanitary napkins, Pampers diapers, Head and Shoulders shampoo and Gillette shaving products.



After getting the brief on the issue, we devised a media and government relations plan to pursue the issue. As the media always works as a pressure group, we set an interview of Sam Kim, the Asia chief of P&G with the leading English Daily Star. The interview highlights P&G’s interest on Bangladesh, CSR efforts along with an urge to reduce the supplementary duties on its products. To pursue the duty reduction issue, we set meetings with high profile government officials where the company presented its case. P&G also wants to work with government jointly to improve the women and children’s life. This created lot of interested among the government officials, particularly in the health ministry and tariff commission. We also published articles and distributed press releases to influence the stakeholders.



The issue got remarkable media exposure. The Health Ministry and Tariff Commission which advises the government on duty issues wrote to National Board of revenue to reduce supplementary duties on diaper and sanitary napkin.