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  • Creating awareness on global warming on Earth Day (April 22, 2009)


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  • Date created: 2012-10-14
  • Last updated: 2012-11-19


22 April was Earth Day to raise voice against climate change and global warming. Global warming is probably the deadliest threat that the earth faces today. As the temperature of the globe rises, so does the level of sea water. This puts the lands which are at or below the sea level in the great risk of submerging into the sea within a period of only fifty to one hundred years. Bangladesh is among the countries which are predicted to be the first ones to submerge. Environmental scientists have expressed their fears that two third of Bangladesh would drown by the year 2050 and that it would go under water completely by the year 2100.



To create awareness on Earth Day we at we developed an innovative campaign for Pizza Hut and KFC in Bangladesh on global warming and the possibilities of the submergence of Bangladesh. The campaign theme was “Care to drown?” and it was a three sixty degree approach that covers above the line media such as press and billboard to on spot activations and online promotion. The campaign uses the visual of a pair of diver’s fins as the promotional tool to remind the audience in Bangladesh about the underwater life that they would have to live unless they become aware and start acting. The campaign suggested being a minimalist while using power, gas and water and avoiding using vehicles and air conditioners whenever possible. The ground activity was the presence of real snorkel swimmers with real diving gears at all the Pizza Hut and KFC outlets. The divers walked around the tables, distributed brochures and answered questions. The brochures suggests ten ways in which someone can contribute in cooling the earth down and maybe in the process help to save this dear green triangle of ours. Customers both at Pizza Hut and KFC filled action point forms as part of their commitment and dropped those in a box. A press conference kicked off this campaign and there were all key media presence and the media people also filled the commitment forms and dropped at the box.



332 customers committed on the day to opt for less global warning habits and take actions. The initiative spent 0.5 million BDT on paid media and achieved 10million BDT earned media coverage. The initiative got a remarkable media exposure. Print media along with online media published significant number of reports along with coverage and stories on the television news.