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1. Our Practice Areas

We bring vast experience in integrated corporate communications that covers all aspects of external and internal communications of the organization ranging from defining the framework of the organization's communications policy and system to developing core identity of the organization

Our in-depth understanding and long experience has given us a competitive edge to understand the media landscape of Bangladesh.We are uniquely positioned to help our clients leveraging our relations with changing media landscape across all segments.

The global recession over the last one and a half years has seen the re-emergence of active government intervention in the private sector and regulations becoming far more wide-ranging and stringent. With growing public interest and media attention, business enterprises are under the government microscope like never before.

This is where Benchmark PR steps in at your aid. We understand the inner workings of the government and know how to get things done. In recent years, government rules and regulations are changing frequently, and sadly, some of them do not seem to understand or reflect the industry point of view. It is imperative that the voice of the industry is kept alive at the policy making level for it to grow and expand. At Benchmark PR, we follow the policy changes ardently and analyse their consequences. We also possess the expertise to lobby to the industry’s benefit.

At a more general level, we can play a role in keeping the government regularly updated about your contribution to the economy, contribution to curbing unemployment and keep them updated on your positive developments and the state of your business and its concerns. We play the role of an active intermediary, lobbying your concerns and keeping the two-communication alive.

We are skilled at providing the necessary crisis management. When a crisis hits, we move quickly and professionally, getting on top of the situation and controlling the damage in a competent and credible manner. We also advise and handle issues that may arise from time-to-time influencing public opinion and attitude vis-a vis our clients and their interests.


Establishing and maintaining strong links with local opinion formers and influencers is crucial for the success of every organization. Our team is highly experienced in creating effective two-way communication with key stakeholders on complex and challenging issues. We use the most suitable methodologies to engage stakeholders and facilitate the successful communication of key messages in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. In this way we ensure that relevant information is passed and useful responses are elicited.

Speaking to the media, whether at a news conference or in an interview, requires professional training. Our agency teaches you how to deliver successful presentations and control the direction of news interviews and news coverage at all times.

Our event team is capable to handling any PR event all across Bangladesh, be it a metro cities, semi urban or rural areas.


Reputation is one of the single most important assets for an organization which demands serious attention in today’s competitive marketplace. We help our clients effectively manage their reputation through proactive efforts to enhance the credibility of the brand by attracting the attention of the various target audiences towards even the smallest of their achievements. Similarly, we help our clients negate the effects of any crisis that might have negative implications on their reputation through strategic counsel and maintaining judicious transparency when dealing with the media.

Our team keeps a tab on over 100 media outlets across the country including mainline, financial and vernacular newspapers, business and general interest magazines, trade journals and TV Channels. Our media monitoring department tracks news on our clients, competitors, trends and legislative norms in the industry they operate in. apart from media monitoring and reporting, we also offerin depth expert analysis of all the news gathered on our clients' behalf. Many of our clients have actually benefited by the trend analysis and strategy recommendation reports compiled by our research teams.

As the world of social media rapidly expands, it is becoming more vital for companies to keep up with this global phenomenon. Our agency has a deep understanding of the impact that social media has on a company and its audiences and the ways business can effectively use this media to build a branded community.Our digital PR and social media programs help Brands Bridge the gap between traditional and digital. Our social media team works with brands to develop social identity, distribute multimedia content and cultivate online audiences as well as social communities. Through direct engagement with high-authority forums including blogs and social networks, we help clients optimize their online brand experience.

We cultivate a network of high-profile individuals who influence targeted consumer markets and lend cultural cachet to our clients. Our access to celebrities, thought-leaders furthers client exposure at an exponential rate.

We develop and execute CSR strategy and programme in consonance with the clients' corporate philosophy. We work in coalition with NGOs and local bodies to ensure effective and result oriented programme implementation.

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